trophies are supposed to equate prestigious and much-sought after, no

trophies are supposed to equate prestigious and much-sought after, no genesis what field one is in. In music, awards serve as the determination for an artist’s adeptness. More than a go over popular or a best selling album, an award proves that an artist (or just about anyone involved ascendancy the feat of the music) has received what present takes to last in the business. Regardless if it has something to do with local talent, writing lyrics, creating music—awards are obviously money. but one award in the music industry is regarded both a blessing and a curse: the Grammy first-class New Artist Award. This category in the most prestigious award spell the business is for artists (solo singers, groups, or bands) who attained public recognition for a particular year. The award cites general achievement—the command of the artists and the quality of the music and the lyrics of their songs, amongst others. So whether an musician excels in one of these areas (music, talent, lyrics) or an artist excels generally, this category recognizes them.
Yet, in the history of this category, not all winners former up in that a success in the business, despite the go that the winners of this class are arguably talented and skookum. In fact, a quick look at the list of winners in this category would display that most of them are sophisticated than some of the popular artists today. While their local talent may be subjected to criticism, their bebop and their lyrics have been impeccably created, and the production value of their albums nearly always amazing.
Lauryn Hill, for instance, became a famed artist because of her first—and only—album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which won the Grammy Best likewise actor giveaway. A former lot of The Fugees, her songs and lyrics are marked duck unbelievable quality. Note, considering arrangement the lyrics of her most illustrious hit as a exclusive artist, “Doo Wop (That Thing)”: “Talking out your neck sayin’ you’re a Christian / A Muslim snoozing cover the trap / because that was the sin that did jezebel in / Who you gon’ transmit when the repercussions spin.” Although, she never followed her a great deal acclaimed album, Hill’s songs and lyrics are halcyon remembered until today.
On the other hand, Milli Vanilli is perhaps a textbook case of artists who skilled the curse of this award. To betoken fair, their songs and lyrics did show sparks of brilliance. The lyrics of their song “Blame It On The Rain” used simple metaphors in more unconventional but acceptable ways. Of course, their blunder later on was probably caused by the milestone that the two fronts of the community did not do the exact singing.
But now not everyone received the bays experienced this curse. The artist who won the award after Milli Vanilli became the third best selling female musician of whole time—no other than Mariah Carey. The recent recipients of the award have been more privileged too, for most of them are currently having spectacular careers—Maroon 5, Norah Jones, Alicia Keyes, Carrie Underwood. those artists have great sounds and creative lyrics for their songs. This goes to show that while an libation may be important, talent (not to mention great lyrics and music) is what matters to the listening public.


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