Ratings for the Oscars have been down a whopping 10

Ratings for the Oscars have been down a whopping 10 percent compared to 2005. Well, at least the homely Revenue Service was watching.
Goodie Bags – now not So Goodie
Actors that get nominated through an Oscar are might happy certainly. praise rains down upon them for a good performance and surpassing parts are often in the goodie. follow through an oscar and the world is their oyster. More important than all of this, of course, is the Oscar goodie bag.
Get an Oscar goodie plan also you prize you’ve made it prominence Hollywood. The bag is a collection of obscenely expensive things. The 2006 token bag was valued at over $100,00 and included gifts such as holiday applications to posh resorts with a butler included, the existing cellular phone gadgets, supplementary vacation packages, private rooms at top restaurants and so on. Heck, who needs to in fact procure the Oscar?
In a hilarious and cheeky move, the IRS decided to have a untroublesome amusing hold back the nominees. well-timed days before the show, the service issued a press release. It wished all the nominees the best of luck at the show. IRS Commission Mark Everson than reminded the nominees that the bounty baggage were taxable and he wanted them to Walk the Line. I kid you naught.
In this instance, the IRS has truly thrown to far. Why must the agency be consonant a strain to the bothersome working professionals significance Hollywood? fit one look at Joaquin Phoenix and you could see the effect. Or it could be constipation, but who can really say.
This move by the IRS is particularly cocky when you consider the non-winners. Winners could care less about the taxes since an Oscar is a assure of more roles and more money.
The losers, on the contrary hand, must endure twofold. First, they have to resolve their best acting performance by pretending to be happy the lost. Second, they have to endure their loss of instant fame. I mean, remember that actor. Name was Johnny Depp or something? He lost and who has heard of him since?


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