The new Sobol Award for novelists turned into officially announced

The new Sobol Award for novelists turned into officially announced on September 13, and factual sounds like a writer’s dream at champion glance: all authors who submit a manuscript ought to be both unpublished also unagented. ‚Hey! That’s me!’ you say. Plus, the top prize is $100,000, with runner-up awards of $25,000 and $10,000, alongside with $1,000 for seven other entrants. further you execute to attend an ‚Award Gala,’ probably not tell famous writers! famous people are always attending galas. But don’t rush to their website yet: in that word of this award first got independent in July, it’s become apparent that the devil may be credit the details.
Before entering any writing contest that offers profitable prize money, a desire to get published, or other enticing awards, read the fine print. All of it. in this case, the contest is sponsored by Sobol Literary Enterprises, a new association described in the press release as ‚a venue to parent talented, screened fiction writers besides help them get the recognition they deserve.’ In truth, Sobol is planning — power fact, requiring — that they be the agency representing the impressive winning manuscripts. enthralling novelists can eradicate that agreement nine months after the contest’s end, however it’s a pretty money detail and is mentioned only pressure the ‚FAQ’ section of their website, not under ‚Awards and Prizes.’
Perhaps this is because Sobol is company new and has by no means predisposed a book. Still, any experienced business professionals are involved, so it’s entirely possible that they will become a successful agency. But they are not one yet. And if another agency approaches you right through that nine months — likely if you’ve won a $100,000 literate prize — too bad, until you can root them off.
‚If they’ve never sold a book, how can they quote huge award money?’ you ask. The answer: in part, by way of charging an exorbitant entry fee of $85. Is it worth shelling outer for the chance to win a $100,000 literary prize? appearance at it this way: your odds of winning that prize will likely buy for 1 mastery 50,000. That’s the maximum number of manuscripts this writing ventilate will accept, and given their substantial publicity, also the fact that writers importance submit fresh than one now — at $85 apiece– they’ll probably reach that limit. Further math reveals your manuscript’s chances of winning any of the top ten prizes to be 1 in 5,000.
I’m not wicked you not to submit your manuscript for the Sobol subscription. If you can afford the entry fee, besides you’re willing to leave to owing to their client through nine months, go for it. But always look before you leap. Writing contests abound; most call for some sacrifice or dedication on a writer’s part to produce eligible. most have entry fees. Before spending a bundle entering every contest you can think of, especially those that sound severely good to be true, investigate. Find out who’s lengthy the contest, further whether they’re solvent enough to pay the winning writer(s). If it be a long-running prize, it’s more likely to be reputable.
Try to discover visible who will be reading and speculation your manuscript. The Sobol Award promises ‚at least two reviews by judicious readers drawn from librarians, booksellers, and editors working under the direction of Weeks [Brigitte Weeks, chair of their panel of judges and sophisticated book whack veteran].’ But what does ‚working under the direction’ mean? Brigitte Weeks will not be reading 50,000 manuscripts. Your first reader will be a lot lower on the publishing totem pole. He or she may also be a literary caliber — or not. You have no control, further if you run into bad luck — the guy reading your legal thriller hates lawyers — too bad. You’re achieved. prerogative bit sift with many entrants, the readers will be a large number of and who-knows-how-qualified.
The bottom line: be smart and cautious hush up writing contests. Use your important accurately. If your budget is limited, printing also mailing hundreds of query letters to agents and publishers may be a better use for that $85. Or maybe not. If you think your manuscript is brilliant enough to manage the Sobol Award, I wish you useful luck!


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