Magdalena Mielcarz

Magdalena Mielcarz ? Ligia

Magdalena Mielcarz ? Ligia

“He saw and assessed everything at once: her pink; transtucent cheeks, her fresh young lips that seemed to be pouting for a kiss, the blue depth of sea that glowed in her eyes, the clear alabaster whiteness of her forehead, the profusion of her tumbled dark hair; shot with amber lights of Corynthian copper where it curled, her delicate smooth neck,; the slope of her shoulders, and her entire body; slim, pliant, supple and projecting all the newness of May and fresh blooms. ”

Magdalena Mielcarz (born March 3, 1978, Warsaw) is a Polish actress and model.

In 1997 she graduated from Jaroslaw Dabrowski High School in Warsaw. She then studied at the Department of Journalism and Political Science at Warsaw University. She debuted as an actress in 1989 in a TV mini-series for children.

* 2009: Taras Bulba (dir. Vladimir Bortko)
* 2009: Today and Tomorrow (dir. Marcin Stawarz)
* 2008: BrzydUla (TV series)
* 2008: The Chauffeur (dir. Jérôme Dassier
* 2007: Fałszerze (TV series)
* 2005: Solidarity (dir. Joan Stein)
* 2004: Strange Crime (Le prix du désir, dir. Roberto And?)
* 2003: Fanfan la Tulipe (dir. Gérard Krawczyk)
* 2001: Quo vadis? (dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz)