Michal Bajor – Nero

Michal Bajor – Nero

” He wore his hair on his forehead in four rows of curled fringes in the style introduced to Rome by Otho. He was clean-shaved, having burned his beard on the altar of Jove. All of Rome paid homage to him for this sacrifice, although there were whispers that he got rid of his beard because it was a bright copper red as all the facial hair in his family. There was, indeed, something Olymphian about the lofty bulge of his forehead just above above the eyebrows. Those drawn eyebrows projected full awareness of his limitless power; but this forehead worthy of a demigod eniled just below, dissolving into the empty muzzle of an ape, a mindless buffoon and a drunken clown. His image was corrupt, a whim-driven man overtaken by his own excesses; he was still young but was drowning in the rolls of his accumulated fat. ”

Michał Bajor (born June 13, 1957 in Głuchołazy, Poland) is a Polish actor and musician.

Selected filmography

* Alchemist (1988) as Prince Frederick
* Escape from the ‘Liberty’ Cinema (1990) as film critic
* Quo vadis (2001) as Neron



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