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Paweł Delag

Paweł Deląg (born on April 29, 1970) is a Polish actor. Born in Kraków, he is one of the most admired Polish actors of his generation.

Pawel Delag ? Marcus Vinitius

“The young man’s face and body used to bear the hard stamp of the career soldier, but now he seemed gentled and transformed. Pain illness and anxiety had refined his features, as though sculptor’s skilled hand had given him the necessary polish. His skin had lost its windswept harshness, retaining only the light golden glints of Numidian marble. His eyes had grown larger and deeper with sadness. Only his powerful torso kept its massive shape, as if created for a soldier’s breastplate, but the magnificent subtly sculpted head looked as if it belonged to a young Greek god or at least to a refined patrician. “

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